Nationwide Shopping Centers and Operators & Developers 2018

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Shopping centers, Outlet Malls, SC Developers, and SC Property Management Businesses

Research Target:

Leading Developers, shopping center tenants, consumers

Research Content:

I   Trends of Shopping Center Market from 2017 to 2018

  1. Trends of SCs opened in 2017
  2. Overall Status of Domestic SCs in 2017
  3. Forecast of Trends of Domestic SCs from 2017 to 2018

II   Outlet Mall Market Trends

  1. Trends of Outlet Mall Market
  2. Outlet Mall Market Size and Future Forecast
  3. Challenges and Future of Outlet Mall Industry
  4. Trends of Leading Two Outlet Mall Companies

III   Characteristics and Current Status of Business Strategies taken by Leading SC Developers

12 Developers

IV   Business Strategies and Current Status of SC Property Management Businesses

8 Businesses

V   Visiting Customer Satisfaction Survey at Nationwide Leading 50 SCs

  1. Survey Results (Ranking of SCs)
  2. Analysis from Survey Results: Categorization of SCs and Characteristics of SCs that earned high satisfaction rates
  3. Factors that expect from SCs generally
  4. Assessment of 50SCs after Customer Satisfaction Survey
  5. Assessment by Comparing Expectation Value by Region

VI   Survey Analysis regarding Property Management Businesses seen from Tenants

  1. Factors those tenants most place importance on
  2. Ranking of satisfaction from tenants' points of view
  3. Developers and PMs and their assessment of attractiveness
  4. Analysis of Structure for the tenants to assess Developers and PM

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180,000 yen ($1,631.91)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 110.3 yen , 2019/05/23 Japan)