Flower and Ornamental Plants Business 2019

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130,000 yen ($1,221.12)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 106.46 yen , 2019/08/19 Japan)

Coverage: (Product/service)

Flower and Ornamental Plants materials (Cut flowers, seedling for flower bed, flowering trees, bulbs, pot flower, turf and other round covering greens, etc.

Research Target:

Seeds & saplings companies, Importers, wholesalers, retailers, gardeners, preserved flower companies, fresh-flower altar companies, and related organizations

Research Content:

I  Analysis and Outlook of Flowers and Ornamental Plants Business

  1. Transition of Shipment Value of Flowers
  2. Transition of Flower Market Size (Retail)
  3. Flowers and Ornamental Plants Business Perspectives toward 2022

II   Noteworthy Industrial Trends: Indoor Greening/Greens for Offices Attract Attention via Workstyle Reforms

  1. Indoor Greening Market Trends
  2. Trends of Products and Market Players
  3. Trends of Demand
  4. Visualization of Investment Effects and Case Studies of Setting KPI
  5. Current Challenges and Market Outlook

III    Market Trends by Product Category

  1. Cut Flowers
  2. Potted Plants
  3. Young Plants/Seedling for Flower Beds
  4. Flowers and Trees
  5. Bulbs
  6. Lawn/Plant Grass

IV   Market Trends by Sales Channel (Retail)

  1. Retailers
  2. Mass Merchandisers
  3. Hardware Stores
  4. Leasing or Rental Companies
  5. Gardening or Greening Enterprises

V   Survey regarding Purchase of Cut-Flower Arrangement Products

VI   Latest Data regarding Flower and Ornamental Green Business

  1. Current Status of Flower Wholesale Market
  2. Retail Trends of Flower or Garden/Potted Plants
  3. Retail Trends of Seedling and Seeds
  4. Transition of Amount Spent on Flowers and Greens per Household
  5. Imported Cut Flower Market Trends
  6. Preserved Flower Market Trends
  7. Fresh Flower Alter Market Trends

VII   Profiles of Leading Market Players

  1. Seeds and saplings: 4 enterprises
  2. Importers: 2 enterprises
  3. Wholesalers: 6 enterprises
  4. Retailers: 15 enterprises
  5. Preserved Flower Companies: 2 enterprises
  6. Fresh Flower Altar Companies: 3 enterprises
  7. Indoor Greening Companies: 4 enterprises
  8. Web Media: 2 enterprises

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130,000 yen ($1,221.12)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 106.46 yen , 2019/08/19 Japan)