The following periodicals written in Japanese are published on a monthly and bi-monthly basis in order to provide up-to-date business information on various aspects. They contain intelligence on their respective markets and industries and have a circulation of over 3,000.

Japanese Periodicals

Yano News(Monthly)

Yano News

Focuses on apparel and fashion industries, identifying the issues of production, distribution and consumption levels of the market.

Annual subscription: 72,000 yen(excluding consumption tax)

Yano Report(Semimonthly)

Yano Report

Publishes research results in the home construction, building materials, paper pulp, electronics and chemical industries.

Annual subscription: 80,000 yen(excluding consumption tax)

Yano E plus(Monthly)

Yano E plus

Reports on critical market trends in information technology, electronics, chemicals, electronics and other materials, and machinery industries.

Annual subscription: 97,142 yen(excluding consumption tax)

Japan Precious(Quarterly)

Japan Precious

Offers selected information on the global jewelry market.

Annual subscription: 7,619 yen(excluding consumption tax)

Product Review on Pachinko Game Machine(Semimonthly)

Reports on trends and product information for the pachinko game machine industry.

Special price for Pachinko/Pachislo parlors: 640,000 yen (excluding consumption tax)
Regular price: 780,000 yen(excluding consumption tax)